We manufacture high quality collapsible aluminium tubes for all types of gel, paste and liquid healthcare application. We can provide Quality, Flexibility & Reliability for the Healthcare sector.

All tubes produced by Pharmatube come with the following options:

Internal coatings
Available on all diameters.
Various types of internal coatings are available, offering compatibility with all types of products.
Approved for foods and pharmaceuticals.
Product testing service available to ensure the correct specification is offered.
Data sheets on request.

Up to four colours can be printed using specially formulated inks which provide good gloss, colour stability and product resistance.
Colour matching carried out on-site, tpo provide a quick service.

End Sealing
Rubber, latex and pressure sensitive endseals are available.
All diameters can be end sealed.

We offer a variety of nozzles and caps to fit all sizes.

Diameter    11    12.7    13.5    16    19    22    25    28    30    32    35    38
Length range (mm)50-60    60-90    60-90    70-110    70-125    85-145    90-170    100-170    100-180    100-180    120-200    120-200

Contact our Technical Department for advice on:

Designs/print area
Compatibility testing for new products
Tube capacity
Sampling techniques/QA information
British, European and worldwide standards
Internal lacquer testing equipment

The standard of quality and flexible approach to customers' requirements puts Pharmatube in the global marketplace, supplying pharmaceutical companies worldwide with a complete service from supply to packaging and transportation.

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